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With the heat slowly simmering as the last day of school draws near, be ready with summer projects to keep your little ones from saying, “I’m bored!” Here’s ten to get you started. (Links can be found at the bottom of the photos, which are also credited to their respective sites.)

1.Shibori tie-dying

The age-old technique of tie-dying is a must-try for kids of any age and is a perfect way of wearing coordinates with the family without looking too bland. Graphic designer, art teacher, and mom-of-three Bar Rucci of the Art Bar Blog shows us (through quite a number of photos, no less) that no matter how you tie the shirts, beautiful patterns will appear!


2.Water Wall

Looking to introduce an engineering project for the kiddos while keeping cool in the summer? Zoe Toft of reviews children’s book by trade and passion and this project is just one example. “Water Wall” was inspired by “Rain Rain Rivers by Uri Shulevitz,” which ostensibly echoes Toft’s favorite line in the book: “…jumping over pieces of sky in the gutter.” Now that’s enough reason to get your power tools ready and prep a wall for the kids and together, you can attach used water bottles, cans, and pails to pour H2O in. You can even add dye to the water to add vibrancy to your already cool project.


3.Squishy water bombs

This one is a starter project to do for toddlers and can be used in that inflatable pool at the backyard. You can teach color-names as you let your kids choose which sponges they like most! A guest post in Positively Splendid, this project is by Allison from House of Hepworths at Blissdom and worth the time than buying plastic toys for the tots.

sponge water boms

4.Ice cream is just another canvas

The craving for ice cream can’t be passed out as just another treat, especially in the summer. Buy vanilla ice cream…then some (or more) food coloring, sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and nuts and start painting on that cold treat. Yes, paint on it.

ice cream paint.jpg

5.Melt-in-the-heat crayons

As another school year ends, your pile of broken-up, left-over crayons can add up yet again. As you collect (yet again) innumerable shells from your many beach adventures this summer, bring on the heat, this time from the oven. This tutorial will have you toasting up those shells and letting those seemingly useless crayons melt on them. This will definitely turn any kid into a Picasso!

melted crayon shells.jpg

6.Flower necklace

Emily of knows that women always love creating pretty stuff and this playful craft shows it. A little project for daughter-and-mom bonding, this craft is sure to color your days and give you the perfect accessory to wear to the beach or to any fairy-princess party.


7.Spin Art Project

Take ordinary rocks and turn them into art with this tutorial! Meri Cherry (yes, that’s her real name) puts to good use her old salad spinners and created this tongue-in-cheek art pieces. With paint and several spins, you can churn amazing creations. You can even give these out to relatives on their next visit!


8.Weave in the Rainbow

This one can be made by older kids as it requires a rather complex weaving technique but the result is nothing short of childhood magic. This project is called the Punch Art Rainbow where kids ‘punch’ yarns in with a skewer on a Styrofoam board. This creates a pop-out pattern that’s almost 3D!


9.Frog baseball hat

Made not just to protect your child’s head and face but to also put smiles on the faces of everyone who sees it. But don’t let the refreshing green color & silly frog smiles limit you and your child to just that! Owls, cats, and dogs can be made by tweaking this project a bit. Amanda Formaro, the author of “The Mania Series,” five craft books made for kids, says she has one for herself, donning it as a ladybug hat.


10.Newspaper Kites

Then, when all the glue, glitter, and fuzzy wires are used up, you can always go back to good, ol’ newspaper kites. Have the kids gather branches and twigs from your neighborhood so use can put to fun use the stacks of newspaper inside your home. Don’t worry about perfecting the stick-frame and the edges of your newspaper kite. After all, summer only lasts for a while…now take that kite and fly it with them.



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