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Like any household with school age children in them, the count down to the big event, AKA summer, has begun. It is the “Are we there yet?” as these kiddos stretch on the final lap of school days. And as much as enthusiasm is concerned, they do not lack any, but we’ve all been there: boredom soon strikes and the same hyped-up mini-versions of you are trudging on with the sweltering heat. So, before the first day of summer even nears, here are two lists that can be more than useful than putting up your fridge door.


Stuff to do this summer:

  1. Plant a tree/plant/fruit/veggie – Start a mini-garden, it does not have to be a whole backyard. Nothing is more fulfilling than watching plants spring to life and planting, caring, and watching them grow teach lessons no other methods can.
  1. Hit the beach (to clean up!) – So you swam, surfed, and patted down sand castles; what else can you do? Why not start a clean-up drive at your nearest beach? It is a fun form of paying it forward and gathering families and friends because it is always–ALWAYS–the beach we go to for picnics or walks, summer time or not and it wouldn’t hurt to do our bit in taking care of it, right? And the best time to do it is at dawn; your kids might even meet the local fishermen and learn the trade of fishing.child-538029_960_720
  1. Learn to play an instrument – Whether they have never even touched a piano key or is the next Mozart, children are bound to reap heaps of benefit in learning an instrument. Need proof? Check out this video from TED-Ed:
  1. Learn to dance something local – To bring up culturally-adept kids, you must engage them. And most kids enjoy moving, so why not try learning a local dance from where you’re from or even from a region near you? Aside from learning history, fitness is included in the curriculum. “Sayaw ed Tapew na Bangko” from the the Pangasinan region, are you up for it?
  1. Learn a new language/dialect – A hyperpolyglot is just a fancy name for  a person who speaks many languages, but then, that same person who speaks multiple languages has the edge according to studies: So ditch the common words this summer and let your kids explore a new one (or two); their brains will thank them for it.
  1. Venture out in pursuit of one of the four elements: wind, fire, water, earth (modify activities according to children’s age). This could also be the perfect time to trade in the pavement to the dirt road and meet friends and relatives in the province.
FIRE: Volcano, pandayan/balisong making; bakery or any traditional cooking method
WIND: zip-lining, paragliding, kite flying
WATER: beach, falls,a new pool, or even the rain
EARTH: climb a mountian, go nature-tripping, cave exploring, camp out
  1. Learn to juggle for brain power –  Juggling can actually benefit your brain, according to studies. And learning something unusual always excites the neurons in your brains making new connections: The clown make-up is optional.
  1. Play their fave video game with them – Word of warning: Do not try to be cool especailly in this area where you come in speaking in modern (or worse, your time’s) gaming terms. Summer activities are about doing it with them.
  1. Accomplish a reading/movie list – Ask what your child wants then insert in a few books or films you think they’d benefit from.
  1. Do a DIY together – Again, the aim is spending time with them, so whether you crochet a hat, paint a shirt, or make another pencil holder with that empty snack can, you do it for love; they will only be school kids for so long.


Things to watch out for and tips on a safer summer:

  1. Sunburn – With the coming heat, you can never put on too much sunscreen
  1. Insect bites – Why not plant (see #1 on first list) citronella to ward off those pesky mosquitoes?
  1. The not-so unlikely cough, cold, & flu – Not because the cold weather is over means you can escape these bumming illnesses. Up your kids immunity all the time by keeping a routine of taking supplements, eating healthy, and drinking enough water.
  1. Accidents – It is beyond useful to know first-aid. You can go to your local medical service provider and ask for the schedule of seminars from the Philippine Red Cross on how to execute proper first aid to children and adults, too.
  1. Accomplish the numbers of pertinent services and aides (police, fire department, hospitals) – Having fun does not mean negligence. You can use this time to teach children the importance of alertness towards unlikely events and who to call for help when trouble comes.

5 thoughts on “The Summer Lists of stuff to do & how to avoid the boo-boo

  1. Spending our Summer vacation is not just about going to famous beaches or traveling around the world. This article suggests that you could do MORE exciting and amazing routines and activities that will benefit both you and your children. They say that summer vacation is the best time for most families but it will be more enjoyable if you’ll spend this time with EXTRAORDINARY activities! Spend your SUMMER in your very own country without forgetting the Filipino Culture. Lastly, don’t forget these words. “SAFETY FIRST”!

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  2. When we heard the word “summer”, the words that come into our mind are: vacation, rest, and spending time with our family. Most of the people plans about going to the beach and travelling to different places. This article gives us insights on how we can spend the summer and make it a productive one. It also gives some tips on how we can be safe and enjoy our vacation. Always remember that our safety counts more and using our time with productive yet enjoyable things is really a worthwhile activity.


  3. Summer holidays is the most enjoyable period for the children after a heavy and tedious journey of an academic year. But utilizing these holidays most profitably and beneficially by the children lies in the hands of parents.
    So this article for me, is highly recommended to those parents who want to have a meaningful and useful summer vacation.


  4. Summer is the best enjoying time not only for the children but even for the parents because it’s the time for them to have a family bond. This article gives us some indoor activities to engage with the family. Safety must always not forget to spend the summer vacation happy and enjoy.


  5. Summer is the time that all of us waiting for. It is the time of relaxation, recreation and time to unwind. Aside from that, summer is the best time that we should make a PRECIOUS memories with our loved one’s. Considering those tips in the article would help us to make time with our kids, make bond with them, and more importantly to show them that care.


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