Bethlehem Tutorial Center, Farming Achievers

by:  Jovie Marie A. Jimenez


“Number speaks for itself”. Need we say more?

Every exam incites panic in the souls of every student. The sound of scribbling pens signifies the eagerness of the child to answer all the questions in the test paper accurately. Nights of review – study, study, study. After the 3-day exam period, the scary part awaits every student and parent – the CARD DAY.

Viewing the bulletin board on the ground floor of EDNAS bearing all the names of the students of BTC who made it to the Director’s List palpitates every teacher’s heart . The big question is – Did my student make it?

During the last quarter exam recently held in EDNAS, the BTC is proud to say that once more, it remained on top in terms of producing Director’s List. Amidst the burning-of-eyebrow effect of the student hoping to get a high score and show their parents what they can prove, the students of Bethlehem Tutorial proved once more that they are achievers. The lists are as follows:

Preparatory – Jirald Lance Pobletin

Grade 2 – Eliana Fernandez

Grade 3 – Kenna Irma Pardillo /  Karl Angelo Sison

Grade 5 – Luisa Angela Sison

Grade 6 – Elijah Marz Manzano /  Louise Angelo Santos /   Kyla Angelica Sison   

Grade 8 – John Matthew Briones / Nicole Dominique Ong                 

Grade 10 – Regin Ed Aquino / Charlene Ingrid Ong


With the increasing number of students in the Director’s List, it shows to prove that the BTC is serious in reaping more achievers in the future.

To all the students who made it to the Director’s List, KUDOS!



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