Basket of Reflections after the BTC Team Building

By: Nick C. Caiga

Team Building 2015… to work together….

This team building activity was made possible through the initiative of the administration and staff of the Center, wherein all of them packed home something special — memories, learning, and experience most of all.

Here are some of the excerpts from the reflections of the teachers/staff a day after the activity that are worthy to be mentioned:

“It was such a great opportunity for me to be a member of the 1st ever BTC Team Building Activity – a sort of leadership training and priceless moment that I won’t forget in my entire life. This activity had shaped my views in life when it comes to trust, self-confidence and most of all, self-actualization.”

“I learned a lot about team building which is on how to collaborate and to communicate in every member of the group to deal with such a game. Because I believe that team building is the best thing to attain the group’s goal in a short period of time.”

“I can say that this team building activity helps me a lot. This activity also brought out the leadership skills I have that were not really used the past years of my life. It helps me to build my confidence to lead. It’s a refresher of the things we need to do in certain situation and decide for the best solution of a problem. This activity reveals my weakness and problems that affect my work and affect the team as well. “

“After the first ever team building of BTC, I can now sum up the event’s impact in three words. Realizations. Metamorphosis. Maturity. “

“At the end of the day, I’m glad I joined this Team Building – I’m glad I was there!”

These are but some of the proofs that the first team building of the Bethlehem Tutorial Center served its purpose well for all its teachers.


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